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Upcoming Gigs

Sat 22 July
Matt Carstens

Sat 29 July
Ralph Beeby

Sat 5 August
Albert Meintjies

Sunday 6 August 18h30
Johan Smit Jazz Trio

Sat 12 August
Gerald Clark

Sat 19 August
Pete Stanford

Sat 26 August
periGators Farewell Party



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Sat 19 Aug 20h00 ~ Pete Stanford and Friends - Free Entry.
periGators' Final Gig - Sat 19 Aug 20h00 ~ Pete Stanford and Friends - Free Entry

The end of an era...

Yes, the rumours are true - PeriGators will be closing down at the end of August 2017.

No, we are not bankrupt. No, the liquor board has not closed us down. No, we have not been kicked out for not paying our rent. No, we are not sailing off into the sunset on a luxury yacht...

The owner Mr Paul Langley has seen it fit to give Mr Pierre Jordaan (who ran a pub/grill called Peri's before we started renting the premises and moved the pizza restaurant called 'Gators there) another chance to restart his business. This unfortunately leaves us in the precarious position of having no place to go...

PeriGators has been in Pringle Bay for almost 14 years - first for over 6 years as 'Gators in the small shop where Sunra now runs the delightful Fynbos Enterprises, then at 381 Crescent Road for close on 8 and a half years.

Unfortunately the landlord did not want to give us a formal lease as the building was for sale from day one, so it was just a matter of time for the axe to fall. We have had experience with this - 'Gators was forced to move when the new owner there had different plans (none of which came to fruition...) so we are taking this in our stride. Over the past 8 years many prospective buyers of the building caused us to go into panic mode - so much so that we have almost been praying for it to finally happen, so this door could close and make way for another to open. Of course we never thought we would only be given 3 months' notice, as this makes it impossible for us to find a new suitable venue.

It has been a wonderful ride - we have made many friends, not only local ones, but many foreigners who repeatedly returned for our pizza. Our suppliers have been with us from day one, going out of their way to accommodate us when running short on supplies in busy times - these include HH Bacon, Vinimark, Meridian Wines, Nu Foods, Hangklip Bottle Store, Lemon & Lime and many more.

Our staff have been equally loyal and we regard them as part of the family - Gysie and Hillary who have been there since day one, and many others who have come and gone (and come back again in some cases) over the years - Monica, Felistas, Suemena, Jackie, Louise, Tafara, Cecilia, Mara and various others, as well as many young waiters who literally grew up before our eyes.

We will miss our friends and supporters, but even more we will miss the delightful evenings with all the wonderful musicians performing in our bar and in the PeriScope Theatre. It saddens us that yet another live music venue won't be able to provide a space for performers - these are all too scarce already. Apart from music performances, we were blessed to host several plays, one man shows, movies and school concerts. These include Margit Rodenbeck aka Dowwe Dolla, Paul du Toit, Frank Opperman, Pierre van Pletzen, Irit Noble, David Muller (Oom Schalk from the heart) and Ha!Man.

PeriGators hosted not only top local musicians, but also a few international acts including the famed cellist Erich Oscar Heutter & Tanya Schmid, Doc Maclean, Ronnie Domp, Brian Ernst, Ariel Zamonsky, Juana Pires Rafael and Les Optimistes.

Local acts included The Blues Broers, Valiant Swart, Tony Cox, Andre Swiegers, Akkedis, Piet Botha, Peter Mitchell, Laurie Levine, Josie Fields, Ann Jangle, Black Cat Bones, Heather Mac, Albert Frost, Wendy Oldfield, Tonia Moller, Chris Chameleon, Saarkie, Robin Auld, Mr Cat & the Jackal, Baxtop, Larry Amos, Bright Lights Big City, Ralph Beeby, Mazula, Steve Van, Marcia Moon, Tim Parr, David Goldberg, Bruce Williams, Jake Gunn, Devin Smith, Aidan Martin, Michael Canfield, Ben Ulric, Jeremiah Brimstone, Guy Collins, Lionel Bastos, Gert Vlok Nel, Johan Smit Jazz Trio, Matt Carstens, Six Strings Down, Urban Blues Band, Dave Knowles, Johnny Ray Band, Kabaal Klankbaan, Manouche, Bianca Wood, Pete Stanford, Bluerocracy, Tuin, Alicia Kotze Trio, Hoot n' Anny, Jennifer & the Jameses, Die Wasgoedlyn, Jonathan Peyper, Gerald Clark, Albert Meintjes, Marcia Moon, Myburgh, Schalk Maas, Charel Kleinhans, Broken Arrow, No Syntax, Jonny Luck, Bandanna, The Betsie Beers, Peter Martens, Barbara Kennedy, Cheryl de Havilland, Corrazerwas, Stanley June, Six Strings Down, Jack Mantis, X-Pired, Zenn, Definition, The Bootleggers with Marguarita Freeks, Life Between Riffs, The Strange Grapes, Triston, Lyzyrd Kyngs, Monopony, Jonathan Peyper, Dan Valley & the Countrymen, Cape Acoustics, Jaco Botha, Jackanory, Kevin Floyd, The Oh So Serious, Jonathan Martin, Stuart Milne, Natalie Chapman, Raoul Roux, Black Friday, Elton Goslett, Sven Blumer, Josh Roxton, Herman Vercuiel, Nightshift, Mixed Roots, Volume Conflict, Straw Dogs, Charlie King, Snakeman, Guerilla Poet Kollektiv, Mavis Vermaak, Gerry Liberty, Jo Martin, Alan Evans, Hugo Kleinhans, Tribal Echo, Hangklip Dayzees, Stefan Dixon, Gareth Lawson, Natasha Meister, David Meulen, Jamie Jupiter, Retro Dizzy, Danny in the Loop, Shey Khani, Basson Laubscher, Blue Steel, Pik Swart, Tehillah Blues, Rooibaardt's Fumadores, Mark Harris, Buckfever Underground, Simon van Gend, Josh Grierson, Jasper Dick, Girls of Rock, Simple Image, Black South Easter, Son of 1000 Acoustic, Jet Black Camaro, Peter Stein, Adel Hughes, Niel Smit, Beukes & Delaney, Generations, Goodley Creature, Luna Paige, Amy Lu Crew, Cherry Vinyl, Not from Around Here, Diamondback, DADAFM, Spontaneous Combustion Blues Band, Peter Hoven, Marmalade Jam, Colour of Night, Tina Delaclovias, Jesse Jordan, Boulevard Blues Band, The Silverbacks, Quin Maritz Trio, Blue Moon Rhythm, The Lentil Collective, Basson, The Smoking Mojos, Shannon Hope, Tuesday's Gone, Piano Ben & Miso Markovina, Amabhulu?, Vince Connel, Resonance Rocks, Howlin Mad Banned, The Vans, Henry Steel and many others.

Hopefully another venue will open up in the Overberg area that will showcase the wonderful talent that has kept us entertained over the past eight years.

Our last day of trade will be Friday the 25th of August, and we would like to extend an invitation to everyone to join us for a farewell bash on Saturday 26 August 2017 with live music, pizza and drinks. We will start gearing up at 5 pm.

Anyone willing and able to help us pack up and move our things please be available from Sunday 27 to Thursday 31 August and let us know how you can help.

We say goodbye with heavy hearts but with our heads held high!

Viva PeriGators!

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*** Please note: Last day of trade Friday 25 August *** (CLOSED Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th.)

Bar 5:00 pm ~ Restaurant 6:30 pm

periGators August Final Countdown
periGators August Final Countdown

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